Thursday, 27 October 2011

Koan: Hyung's Cow

Flickr - law keven - Do you think he's alive^.......

A visitor asked the hermit Hyung, "Does a cow have Buddha nature?"

Wu Ya's commentary: "I smell a set-up."

(Adapted from 100 Days on the Mountain, copyright RK Henderson. Photo courtesy of Keven Law and Wikimedia Commons.)


  1. Just got a birthday card from a doctor friend who is from India. The card was one of those classic Hallmark cards that said something like "Holy Cow! It's Your Birthday". Took the others at the gathering a minute to figure out why I could not stop laughing.

  2. We get a lot of mileage off those sacred cows, don't we? I wonder how many Indians know how deeply that image is implanted in Western culture?


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