Thursday, 10 March 2011

Don't Waste Time

The unedited version of this photo documents two vultures eating a human body in a Tibetan burial ground. I use it for asubha. I've edited out the scary parts and declined announcing this post in other fora so as not to impose on anybody.

I look at this picture every day. In fact, it's the desktop picture on my computer.

Sometimes when I look at it, I see the woman who used and abused me and left me for dead. I got bad news, babydoll: you ain't all that and a bag of chips. Just ask my friends, here. You're just the bag of chips. Same as us all.

Sometimes I see the man who worked violence on me to get his own way. It's hard to hate you when I see where all your scheming is going to get you.

Sometimes I see someone I love and cherish, someone without whom I might not have made it this far. The time to love is now.

Sometimes I see the Buddha, because this is precisely what happened even to his enlightened backside.

But mostly, I just see me.

Brothers and sisters: don't waste time.
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