Thursday, 22 July 2021

Remembering Ango

Hokusai, Tiger in the Snow

Today's top headline:
"Free-range Buddhist Eaten By
Health-Conscious Cougar."

– Haiku written eleven years ago, in anticipation of my 100 Days on the Mountain.

(Photo of Katsushika Hokusai painting courtesy of the British Museum and Wikimedia Commons.)

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

WW: Pacific treefrog

(This is Pseudacris regilla again. He's appeared here in the past, but this one is about the size of my thumbnail, part of a crowd of like-sized peers teeming in the high grass around the pond. Apparently the product of this year's hatch.)

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Thursday, 15 July 2021

Street Level Zen: Dependent Co-arising

-2021-06-25 Waterlilys, Sutton, Norfolk (1)

« Ce qu'il faut de saleté pour faire une fleur! »

Félix Leclerc

(English translation here.)

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and a generous photographer.)

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

WW: Oak apple

(I found this large round growth, which when dry closely resembles a dried gourd, on a garry oak [Quercus garryana] at the Fort Eaton monument. It's an immunoreaction to the larvae of a tiny parasitic wasp, and is one of hundreds of these ping-pong-to-tennis-ball-sized globes that litter the branches and ground in the oak grove there.

When dried, oak apples yield a brown powder that's almost pure tannin, and was an important industrial resource in times past. Apart from tanning and dyeing, it was an essential ingredient of most quality ink produced from the invention of the pen through the 19th century. Iron gall ink continues to outperform many modern competitors, and is still used by calligraphers, among others.)

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Thursday, 8 July 2021

Rock Groups 2021

Ah, July. That glorious month when northern Zen loosens up and Rusty Ring vacates from seriousness.

Seriously. I look forward to this.

And each year our flagship foolery is the annual Rock Group Survey, in which I gather up all of the group names that the gods have revealed to me since my last Cortex dump.

The rules have not changed. They are:

» That all names here-under are available to any taker. I hereby repudiate all ownership, and offer them freely to anybody who wants one or more for any reason.

» That such takers must however verify via thorough search of the Information Superhighway that in fact no existing group currently fights under the desired name, as I have not already done so. (notresponsible fordukkhaduetopreviousownershipofnamesorconceptswriterisnotanintellectualpropertylawyernoranintellectualnorpropertynoralawyeralwaystakeeverythingyoureadonlineoranywhereelsewithacaskofsaltyourenlightenmentisyourresponsibilitynotliableforkarmicconsequencesresultingfromassumingIwaswiserthanyouareseriouslyareyoublindaswellasstupid?)

» That any group assuming one of my identities is entitled to claim they were personally bestowed same by a Zen hermit monk, who will for his part back up any further legend concocted in connexion with the aforementioned claim.

As ever, where entries include parenthetical commentary on possible genres, that's just me talkin'. You want it, you take it. No questions asked, no takings tasked.

So hey, summer's a-wastin'! Dive in, dude!

Rock Groups 2021

Caman (Scottish rock)
Glastonbury Thorn (British folkrock)
Serpent Zed
The Sea Monkeys
Runnin' Jump
Bitten Kitten
The Big Happy
The Murder Hornets (a bit shamed I didn't come up with this before there was an actual thing called that)
Mission Creep
Peña Ajena
Bad Bread
Wally Cleaver and the Dam-Rats
Gelatinous Mass (in Gothic lettering with Catholic imagery)
Gary Seven and the Timewarp
Egress Window
The Surfin' TERFs (grrrl group)
The Sandpapers (punk take on the Sandpipers)
The Cul de Sac Kids
Numb Chuck
Rory Chesterfield and the Lowboys

(Photo courtesy of Bekir Dönmez and

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

WW: On the Black River

(Fishing with my nephew. Open in a new window or tab to see it better.)

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Thursday, 1 July 2021

Responsibility Kyôsaku

"Do not emulate others' wrongdoing. See to your own virtue."


(Photo courtesy of Jay Castor and