Wednesday, 30 November 2011

WW: Hearth and home


  1. That looks very, very cozy! I particularly like the display of the art above the stove. How is it holding up with smoke from when you open the stove door? I once had a home with bit similar setup and had a small rug displayed above the stove. Ended up moving it because it picked up some soot over times when I would open the door to toss in another piece of wood.

    Is that a landline on the wall by the window in the background? Haven't seen one of those in a while!

  2. That's a sand painting my mom made in the 70s. And you're right, it's gotten a little dimmer over the decades. The effect isn't dramatic (cos it's hung so high, I guess), but my grandfather found that it actually contributed to the work, and I've found the same. I get up there every few years with a duster, and that's sufficient.

    And boy, you've got sharp eyes, Will! Yes, that's Alexander Graham Bell's own blower on the kitchen wall. Vintage 1980s, with steel bells no memory, just buttons 1 through 0. Cos that's how I roll. Plus there's no cell coverage out here, which is just one more excuse for me to act on my hatred of cell phones by not acting on them at all.

    By the way, I still used a rotary until just short of Y2K. Not some sexy streamlined 70s model, but a big square block from the 40s, with twin brass bellsets and a ten pound receiver.

    I wonder if I can find that somewhere. Might just plug that back in.


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