Thursday, 29 March 2012

Dharma Toilet

This haiku is my solution to the koan, "Why do I write this blog?"

Zen emphasises no-self, that is, that the sense we have of existing apart from everything else, with distinct interests, is false. There is no you. There is no me. And our refusal to admit that is the source of all evil.

One of the pitfalls of recognising this truth is the tendency of institutional Zen to reject the validity of experience, in the name of subduing the delusion of ego. Since you have no self, you're not allowed to say, "I've done" or "I've seen." Unfortunately this is a misreading of the Buddhic concept of anatta. The only ambiguity in those declarations is the "I"; the experience is real.

Still, like most sangha rats, I feel uneasy raising my voice. First off, if there ain't no me, I feel silly blogging about it. And after that, there's the uncomfortable suspicion that somebody out there is saying, "What business has this guy talking about Zen? He's nobody."

You and me both, crow-meat.

So that's why I write this blog. Because it's what I do.

I reverently request all sentient beings reject it, pending corroboration.

Deep bow.

(PS: Aren't you glad I didn't think of "Dharma Toilet" when I was naming this blog?)
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