Thursday, 23 February 2017

Sikh Koan

I see by my news feed where Sikh temples in West Sacramento, Rio Linda, and Stockton, California, recently opened their doors to refugees in the face of a dam failure and downstream evacuation.

In accordance with the dictates of their faith, they invited any of the 188,000 displaced people, of all races and faiths, to show up at their gurdwaras (temples) for food and shelter.

Fact is, feeding drop-ins is a core Sikh precept. I myself have accepted their hospitality, enjoying fabulous Indian food in a Montréal gurdwara absolutely free of charge. They didn't even hit me up for a donation.

Their example renders me thoughtful.

We Zenners go out with an empty bowl, and try to fill it.

They go out with a full bowl, and try to empty it.

Wu Ya's commentary: 「そうですね」

(Photo of The Golden Temple [Harmandir Sahib] of Amritsar courtesy of Ian Sewall and Wikimedia Commons.)
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