Wednesday, 10 March 2021

WW: Champion flower arrangement

(This is one of a long line of grand-champion county fair entries my mom made throughout her life. This time it's a 2018 flower arrangement - featuring among other things some teasel I'd brought home for her from one of my tramps. 

Mom belonged to a few garden clubs, and held most of the offices in them at one point or another. At show time, if they didn't get enough entries in a given class, they couldn't award a ribbon to any of those who did enter, so to prevent their efforts coming to nil, my mother would hastily stick something of her own in, to keep the category open.

Which "prop", more than once, took the entire class. To her eternal embarrassment, and the family's endless amusement.)

Appearing also on My Corner of the World.


  1. May be I don't understand being embarrassed(about your mom), doing something good?

  2. She was embarrassed because she just threw something together to keep the class open for others, and ended up carrying off the honours herself. Over and over.

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. How awesome for your Mom, even though she was trying to stay in the background!

    Your link is a welcome addition to My Corner of the World' this week!