Wednesday, 21 September 2022

WW: Me on the radio

(Because I'm always on my own when I set up the radio on the road, I seldom have any photos of me operating it. This came to my attention when I realised that I have at least a dozen photos of my radio sitting on a bench or table in some remote place, with no human interest. So last time I was afield [this time in a pole-built woodshed with no walls] I tried for a usable selfie of us both.)

Appearing also on My Corner of the World.


  1. Now that´s something I haven´t hear for years and years. Dispice this digital revolution it´s still going strong apparently. It´s probably educational and interesting hobby.

  2. The woodpile brings on human interest too.

    Great selfie of you and the radio.

    140627, right?

    [remind me NEVER to be near a passcode...]

    Pisi Prkl: Yes - ham radio is still going strong.

    There is a gentleman called Bob Pakula [spelling] who has really brought it to light.

    And also shortwave radio.


  3. Yes, hams are still hammering away out there. The landscape has changed a lot in recent decades, but there are still amateur radio stations all over the world.

  4. 14.060+Mhz is the QRP (low power) portion of the 20 metre band, so I tend to hang out there. But I use the whole band, depending on where the calling is best.

  5. my friend is a passionate radio amateur :-).

  6. I haven't seen one of those in a while. Good to put a face with the blog :)

    Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!