Wednesday, 12 October 2022

WW: Headsaw blade

(Noticed this saw blade in the maintenance yard of a local parks department. Through the 1970s, forestry was one of the "F's" – along with fishing and farming – that sustained my homeland. Today none of them are major economic engines anymore, driven out by exhaustion of natural resources and the current primacy of non-productive industries such as tech, office work, and development.

But I remember when every small town here had a sawmill; big ones, several. This giant blade – tall as a man – was undoubtedly rescued from one of those when it closed in the 80s. I imagine it's been archived in this place with an eye to incorporating it eventually in a historical marker of some kind.)

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  1. Quite a large saw blade. I love old rusty tools from years gone by to decorate my gardens. I hope they find some good use for it.

  2. The way we are going with the economy, who knows we will start using hand tools again! This blade is an impressive size!