Wednesday, 9 November 2011

WW: Vayan con Dios, hermanos


  1. Cloud-Hidden, whereabouts unknown

  2. And sisters. Wonder where they are headed?

  3. !Si claro! Y las hermanitas tambien! "South" is the short answer; I'm told they're off to California and the coast of Mexico. There are also flocks that live here year-round. I have no idea how they make that decision, to stay or go. To say nothing of how they navigate the entire planet twice a year.

    I live right below a major continental Canada goose airlane; in migratory season, thousands pass every day. I sometimes hear a flock pass right above my roof, at midnight in a howling gale, honking it up to keep all individuals in the wing; it's so dark, the wind is so wild, and the rain is so thick, they literally can't see the tailfeathers of the bird ahead. But they're homed in on their destination and wasting no time.

    Freakin' incredible.


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