Wednesday, 30 June 2021

WW: Compassion in the pit of Hell

(The world is still talking about the 40+ degree weather we on the North Coast experienced this week. I've lived places where that kind of heat wasn't unheard of, but to see it fry my green and temperate homeland was terrifying. [And uncomfortable; few homes here have air conditioners.]

The above photo was snapped beside a local bike path. It's a basin of water for the dogs that are often walked on this trail, presumably placed by the neighbour who lives behind the gate that's out of frame on the right.)

Appearing also on My Corner of the World.


  1. I am sorry you and your country are suffering through this terrible heat.

  2. Well, Deb, it's not just us, and it's not anywhere near over. But I appreciate your good thoughts.

  3. I prefer warm to cold any time, but that's a bit too warm for me! Stay safe and I hope the good Samaritan keeps watching out for the pups.

    Your link this week at 'My Corner of the World' is appreciated!